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Digital Media!

Retriever Solutions is one of lowest priced Cinema Media Sytems on the market

Retriever Solutions is one of the best POS (Point of Sale Software) suites in the industry. Intuitive design along with integration with all major projection systems, makes Retriever POS and Media the right solution for your Cinema.

About Us

Retriever Solutions was founded in 1991 by experienced computer programmers and system designers to bring the power of touch screen sales to independent theatres and restaurants. But we didn’t stop there. Working closely with theatre owners and managers, we expanded the Retriever system to encompass the full spectrum of theatre management.

Retriever Theatre Management Systems takes on the repetitive sales and information gathering elements of the business to allow managers to focus on increasing the profitability of the theatre. Retriever Solutions can even help theatre managers acquire and integrate hardware, optimize workflow, and provide guidance with computer network design. The principals of Retriever Solutions know the Theatre Management Systems inside out because they designed the programs and are continually enhancing the systems’ capabilities based on the industry’s needs. This means knowledgeable support and modules specific to the theatre’s requirements as well as upgrades based on the changing demands within the industry. Retriever Theatre Management Systems create a world where everything works as it should. Take advantage of the Retriever vision and reliability by contacting Retriever Solutions today.
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